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Students at the Multicultural Magnet Sch...
Students at Xposure's three new SONYC (S...
Students at Xposure's Multicultural SONY...
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MUScience - Explore and Discover While Singing and Dancing
"MUScience Explore and Discover While...
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Science and Technology Institute for Youth - The Xposure Science and Technology Institute for Youth exists to expose children and adolescents in economically disadvantaged areas to the worlds of Science, Technology, Finance, Work Ethic, Nutrition, Community Service, and stronger Parent/Child Relationship/Partnerships.

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"An Oasis in the Desert".

Watch this 8 minute video detailing the beginnings of the Xposure Science, Technology, Finance and Employment Institute for Youth. Listen to Executive Director Raymond L. Thomas Jr. talk passionately about why he felt the need to create an outside the box educational program that exposes children as young as 5 yrs. of age to bank books, science, technology, employment skills and the stock market.
Listen to parents like Ms. Tracy Brown, Mr. C.D. James and PS 81 Principal Ms. Cheryl Ault talk about how a program like Xposure can help change the fortunes of our young people as well as the communities in which they live.

"It is my belief that our number one job as teachers, parents and a community is to expose our young people to the infinite number of opportunities they have to become productive, successful citizens in this great country".

Raymond L. Thomas Jr.
Founder/Executive Director
Xposure Foundation Inc.
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Each K-8 intern will learn the value of working for and saving a dollar in the Xposure Science, Technology, Finance and Employment After-School Institute.

Interns must save at least 50% of their weekly earnings/stipend in a custodial savings account they open (under the guidance of a parent) and maintain at a local bank. Interns take regular trips to the bank to deposit earnings and sharpen their financial skills.

Interns also learn about and begin investing a portion of their earnings into their very own custodial investment stock portfolio!! Many of the K-8 interns already own shares of companies like McDonald's, NIKE, APPLE, GOOGLE, etc.

Executive Director and Founder Raymond L. Thomas Jr. states, "Financial literacy is a must in all communities for all children if we are to break the shackles of just being consumers. Children must be empowered to own companies, manufacture goods and begin saving and investing for their futures. Children with the help of forward thinking adults must take charge of their destiny."

Over 1000 Custodial Bank Savings Accounts Opened!
Over 500 Custodial Stock Investment Accounts Opened!
Science and Art had a baby and named it, "MUScience!" This exciting and innovative service was created by Xposure Foundation, Inc. to introduce children of all ages to science in a fun, exciting and interactive way. One of MUScience's first projects was the creation of the MUScience Mobile Lab which is designed to get youth excited about basic science concepts in a skills-rich way. While at the MUScience lab our young scientists - fully dressed in their white lab coats - learn about the scientific method, the invention process, how to conceptualize inventions to solve real-life problems, trial and error strategies, and how to use a variety of scientific tools and equipment.

One of the tools we use to jumpstart exploration and discovery is the "MUScience Explore and Discover While Singing And Dancing" CD/DVD, which is a collection of songs and animations produced by the Xposure Edutainment Network (XEN) based on the following science concepts: G.E.R.M.S, Gravity, Four Seasons, Oxygen, DNA, Light, Sound and Five Senses.

The service of the MUScience Mobile Lab, equipped with the tools of the "MUScience - Explore & Discover While Singing & Dancing" CD/DVD has proven to be a science-based masterpiece, garnering the seal of approval from highly acclaimed and respected Scientists and Educators.

Believing that 21st Century results, require 21st Century thinking and 21st Century Tools; Xposure's Technology program affords interns a solid technological foundation for learning. Starting with the fundamentals of computers, our interns have an opportunity to apply their theory in practical execution; whether they are creating SMART Lessons, flying Spy Drones or going on a voyage with Google Glass.

Building upon technology, our interns are also introduced to the basics of electronics whereby they learn to read schematic diagrams to build fun projects like FM radios and solar powered cars.

And let's not forget about multi-media. Xposure's own Fun Finance Radio - an interactive web-based radio station - provides Xposure interns hands-on training in production, mixing and engineering, giving them a first hand glance at the magic of radio and television technology in the 21st century.